Unlike other physicians who specialize in treating one particular organ or disease, a family physician like Dr. Nguyen is uniquely trained to care for you as a whole person, regardless of your age or sex. In addition to diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses, he provides routine health screenings and counseling on lifestyle changes in an effort to prevent illnesses before they develop. And, if a health condition arises that requires care from another specialist, he will be there to guide you and to coordinate all aspects of your care. Dr. Nguyen will work together with you and your family to achieve the best possible outcome in the most cost-effective manner..

Following medical school at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Dr. Nguyen completed a formal three-year residency at UCSF during which they receive training in several major medical areas and patient populations. He is skilled and able to address issues listed below and much more. 

  1 Month Well-Baby Checkup  
  12 Month Well-Baby Checkup  
  15 Month Well-Baby Checkup  
  18 Month Well-Baby Checkup  
  2 Month Well-Baby Checkup  
  24 Month Well-Baby Checkup  
  30 Month Well-Baby Checkup  
  3-7 Day Well-Baby Checkup  
  4 Month Well-Baby Checkup  
  6 Month Well-Baby Checkup  
  9 Month Well-Baby Checkup  
  ADD / ADHD / Hyperactive  
  Allergic Cough  
  Annual Pap Smear / GYN Exam  
  Annual Pediatric Checkup  
  Annual Physical  
  Back Pain  
  Bad breath/Halitosis  
  Birth Control / Contraception  
  Black Stool / Melena  
  Cardiovascular Screening Visit  
  Certified Medical Examination for Athlete  
  Certified Medical Examination for Commercial Driver / Vessel Master  
  Certified Medical Examination for Overseas Worker  
  Certified Medical Examination for Police Officer / Fireman  
  Child with Fever  
  Cholesterol / Lipids Checkup  
  Chronic Illness
  Colon Cancer Screening  
  Daytime Sleepiness
  Ear Infection  
  Ear Wax Cleaning  
  Flu Shot  
  Food Intolerance / Allergy  
  Foot Pain  
  Freezing of Warts  
  Frequent Urination  
  General Consultation  
  General Follow Up  
  Hair Loss  
  Hearing Problems / Ringing in Ears  
  High Blood Pressure / Hypertension  
  Hoarseness / Voice Disorder  
  Immigration Medical Examination  
  Injury/Minor Laceration  
  Irritable Bowel Syndrome  
  Joint Injection  
  Neck Pain - 45 minutes
  New Patient Visit  
  Pediatric Consultation  
  Pediatric Follow Up  
  Pediatric Second Opinion  
  Pediatric Sports Physical  
  Postpartum Depression  
  Prescription / Refill  
  Pre-Surgery Checkup  
  Pre-Travel Checkup  
  Pre-Travel Consultation  
  Prostate Cancer Screening  
  Screening for Disease / Preventive Medicine  
  Sexual Dysfunction / Painful Sex / Dyspareunia  
  Sick Child Visit  
  Sinus Problems  
  Sleep Problems  
  Sore Throat  
  Sports Physical  
  STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)  
  Suture Removal  
  Swelling in Neck  
  Travel Medicine Consultation  
  Urinary Tract Infection  
  Vaginal Discharge / Infection  
  Varicose Vein(s)  
  Wart Freezing  
  Worker's Compensation / Disability Evaluation  
  Wound Care